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HOWTO compact VDI disks

Introduction If you have VM using dynamically allocated disks, you may have the need to compact them to save some free space. It happened that I have to shrink a Win10 VM after the upgrade to 1809, hosted on my Windows 10 notebook. Using Virtualbox for Windows, actually this option seems to be available only for VDI files. Round #1 The first step is to … Continue reading HOWTO compact VDI disks »

HOWTO enable Powershell script execution

Powershell is indeed a very powerful tool, and sometimes we may need commit several similar operation that we can quickly organize in a script. By default, you cannot execute any unsigned powershell script.  This can be a problem if we don’t know how, or you need to do a quick maintenance task. We can bypass this setting, by opening a Powershell window with administrative access … Continue reading HOWTO enable Powershell script execution »

HOWTO completly remove preloaded apps

Introduction Several days ago I noticed that MS store app is updating a preinstalled game that I removed when I started to use my PC. After few investigations, I discovered that ‘uninstall’ an app doesn’t really remove it from your system, but it only hides that app in the current account. So I looked for a more definitive solution. I don’t want these app on … Continue reading HOWTO completly remove preloaded apps »

HOWTO switch back WP5 editor to the classic one (easy)

The new WordPress 5.x has set the block editor as default one. If you don’t like it, and you want to switch back the classic one, you can easily follow these steps: go into Plugins->Add New page look for Classic Editor plugin. install and activate it As you will see, it will add 2 new settings to Settings->Writing page to switch classic/block editor as the … Continue reading HOWTO switch back WP5 editor to the classic one (easy) »

HOWTO purge undesired files from your SVN repository

Several months ago, I wrote a post about how to regenerate a SVN repository. In this post I will show how to purge undesired files from it (for example compiler intermediate files, …) on a Windows system. This may be needed to keep the repository size under control. One thing to care about is that, once committed, a file is stored permanently into a repository.  … Continue reading HOWTO purge undesired files from your SVN repository »

HOWTO fix Windows Update error 0x80244019

On two of ‘my’ Windows Server 2008 r2, I had an update (KB2992611) that failed with the following error code: 0x80244019 In my investigations, I found the following procedure to fix the problem (in both cases). The Solution Open an Administrative Command Prompt. As a first step you have to stop Shadow Copy & Windows Update services, by the the following commands: net stop wuauserv … Continue reading HOWTO fix Windows Update error 0x80244019 »

Fixing Thunderbird date format

I have noted that my Thunderbird doesn’t display the date as configured in my Windows profile. This is annoying since I use the english version into my italian PCs and the date formats are different. Digging here and there, I found an easy solution deep into program configuration. The solution Open the program and: select ‘Option‘ from ‘Tools‘ program menu click on ‘Advanced‘ icon click … Continue reading Fixing Thunderbird date format »

ROG G752 weird overheat

updated: 23/08/2018 The Problem From time to time, I noted that my ROG G752VT heated horribly in this point (above the right-bottom angle): After some investigations and tests, it seems something related to the quick charge capability of the nearest USB ports. I had switched it off, by removing the USB Charger Plus program, but after some weeks of calm, the problem pops up again. … Continue reading ROG G752 weird overheat »