HOWTO reset Windows Update client

In our lab, we had few machines with different Windows Update problems.

Some PCs don’t accept anything from our WSUS server, some others seem to have other problems that prevent Windows Update working.

I ran system and MS troubleshooters, but the problems weren’t solved.

In all cases, the OSes seem to be healthy.


I had a long investigation phase, but I didn’t found anything effective until I found the following page on MS Technet:

I downloaded the script, and I fixed WU problems by following the steps below:

  • open an administrative ‘Command Prompt
  • run the script
  • accept user license
  • select option 2 (and wait some minutes)
  • select option 11
  • set Windows Update settings (if requested)
  • reboot


From this point, all WUs started running fine.

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