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HOWTO compact VDI disks

Introduction If you have VM using dynamically allocated disks, you may have the need to compact them to save some free space. It happened that I have to shrink a Win10 VM after the upgrade to 1809, hosted on my Windows 10 notebook. Using Virtualbox for Windows, actually this option seems to be available only for VDI files. Round #1 The first step is to … Continue reading HOWTO compact VDI disks »

HOWTO compress a folder by command line

NTFS file-system has the ability to compress files and folders to save disk space with only drawback is that they will be read and written slower than the normal ones. Windows File Explorer displays them in blue instead of black, and it allows to compress or expand by right-click them and selecting ‘Properties’ and then ‘Advanced’. Suppose that you have to compress a folder but … Continue reading HOWTO compress a folder by command line »