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IIS is not working anymore after a system upgrade

Introduction Suddenly this Monday, the PC hosting the bug tracker site jumped from Win10 1611 to 1709. At the end of the upgrade process, the site was not available anymore. IIS seemed up and running, but something occurred and put the site offline. Looking the event log, I saw swarms of the following errors: Error 2307 – IIS-W3SVC-WP The worker process for application pool ‘DefaultAppPool’ … Continue reading IIS is not working anymore after a system upgrade »

Upgrading a SVN repository

Sometimes you may need to upgrade or regenerate a SVN repository, because it may be outdated and/or damaged. After some investigations, I discovered that it is possible by a simple batch file like the following one: :@echo off set svnadm=”<path>\svnadmin.exe” set repo_out= “<full pathname of the old repository>” set repo_in=”<full pathname of the new one>” set file_dump=”<path>\svnglobal.dump” %svnadm% dump %repo_out% > %file_dump% %svnadm% load %repo_in% … Continue reading Upgrading a SVN repository »