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released sys_minion (bis)

I appears I have uploaded the wrong .zip file (about v1.3.0.2). I fixed it. To get the new one, you only have to download it again (ie the URL isn’t changed). I am quite sorry for the inconvenience.  


published new version of sys_minion added ‘System Logs’ option fixed rare OEM Drivers Repositiory item selection issue. improved command data capture. minor UI improvements minor fixes & improvements.

Programs update

Published: sys_minion v1.1.0.0 – added elevated command prompt shortcut. – added ‘health check’ shortcut. – added ‘health scan’ shortcut. – minor internal improvements. RipBinTS v1.2.0.0 – a new command line utility reachable from Projects page.

released Horodruin v5.5.414.0

Published Horodruin v5.5.414.0, (a bugfix release). – (copy engine) improved error handling. – (src.add) fixed GPF & hang on path changing. – minor UI fixes. – minor internal fixes. – minor source maintenance. link:

released Horodruin v5.4.399.0

Published Horodruin v5.4.399.0,  (a bugfix release). – fixed issues on deleting items. – improved analysis error handling. – fixed an issue from loading a project file from a source folder. – minor UI tweaks.   PS: I discovered that the program doesn’t run on WindowsXP anymore.  I updated the minimal requirements to Vista.