I wrote this program to aid me in cleaning my OEM drivers repository folder, then I added several more utility commands.

This program is a bunch of more or less hidden and complex system commands with a brief description.
For each command available, it always uses system commands to accomplish the task (ie it never touches any system object by itself).

It doesn’t need to be installed but it needs administrative rights.

The program is freeware and it is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 4.0 Unported License Creative Common license.

Minimal requirements:

Pentium processor, 16Mb RAM, WinVista


v1.9.44.0 updated 23/08/2021

Download from: (4 MB)

– this site:
sys_minon binaries package (84264 downloads)

Softpedia [4/5 stars]
Download82 [9/10 stars]

My PGP Public Key (852 downloads) to verify the binaries (if you wish).


  • Main program window
    sys_minion - main program window

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