HOWTO fix Windows Update error 0x80070643

I encountered this error on several Windows 10 PCs and after a week of investigations, I discovered the problem. This error is reported when the recovery partition in your system disk is too small. The solution The solution is to resize it to 900 Mb, or even better to 1 Gb. A task that usually involves two sibling partitions, and that requires a good amount … Continue reading HOWTO fix Windows Update error 0x80070643 »

Released Horodruin 2024.01.764.0

Released a new ‘service’ release: – [ui] minor cosmetic program version number improvements. – [ui] fixed several form ‘cancel’ button processings. – [ui] fixed rare sources ‘random’ error icon problems. link

HOWTO detect WIN11 using Windows API

The main problem here is that Windows 11 is a Windows 10++, and there is no function like IsWindows10OrGreater(). This forced us to write down our own IsWindows11OrGreater(). I want to write a function similar to the existing IsWindows*() using VerifyVersionInfo(). Here is the working body of such a function: BOOL IsWindows11OrGreater() { OSVERSIONINFOEX vi; ULONGLONG conditions; memset (&vi, 0, sizeof(vi)); vi.dwOSVersionInfoSize = sizeof(vi); vi.dwMajorVersion … Continue reading HOWTO detect WIN11 using Windows API »

Released Horodruin 6.8.764.0

Released a new ‘service’ release: – [src.properies] updated UNC verification UI output. – fixed save-the-updated-project prompt problems. – minor fixes & improvements. link

HOWTO install ‘winget’ from command line

Sometimes we might need to use the amazing ‘winget’ command where it isn’t available (for example from a Windows Sandbox, …). The few steps below will solve this problem. The installation process To install ‘winget’ command, you will need to download C++ Runtime framework packages for Desktop Bridge from MS, selecting the proper package (x86, x64, …) from the ‘How to install and update Desktop … Continue reading HOWTO install ‘winget’ from command line »

HOWTO use NASM function for Windows 64-bits

Writing 64-bits assembler functions for Windows is quite different from the ones written for Linux or even for Windows 32 bits. Even when using NASM for a simplified approach, you shall care about a few details. First steps The first step is to add the following lines at the very beginning of the .asm file: 64 bits default rel We need the ‘default rel’ to … Continue reading HOWTO use NASM function for Windows 64-bits »

Released Horodruin v6.6.752.0

Released a new ‘service’ release: – (copy engine) improved error processing. – aborting a synchronization now reports occurred errors (if any). – minor fixes & improvements. link