Horodruin – Releases History

v2024.06.784.0 (23/06/2024)
– added platform detection and processing for executable files (see help file for details).
– [source properties] minor UI improvements.
– [collected data viewer] improved ‘Get Data’ processing.
– [collected data viewer] minor UI improvements.
– minor fixes and enhancements.

v2024.05.772.0 (25/05/2024)
– fixed folder changes notifications issues.
– improved system error reporting.
– minor fixes & improvements.
– now setup has also 32 bits support (for 32 bits windows only)

v2024.01.767.0 (19/01/2024)
– [ui] minor cosmetic program version number improvements.
– [ui] fixed several form ‘cancel’ button processings.
– [ui] fixed rare sources ‘random’ error icon problems.

v6.8.764.0 (19/11/2023)
– [src.properies] updated UNC verification UI output.
– fixed save-the-updated-project prompt problems.
– minor fixes & improvements.

v6.7.756.0 (13/07/2023)
– folder change notifications are now properly paused during the synchronization phase.
– minor fixes & improvements.

v6.6.752.0 (21/04/2023)
– (copy engine) improved error processing.
– aborting a synchronization now reports occurred errors (if any).
– minor fixes & improvements.

v6.5.746.0 (07/03/2023)
– fixed broken source’s “export delta” operation.
– minor fixes & improvements.

v6.4.742.0 (30/01/2023)
– (main wnd) fixed icons color depth issues on Windows 11.
– minor UI fixes.

v6.3.738.0 (12/01/2023)
– (source properties form) improved UNC path processing.
– fixed a sporadic crash after deleting a not-empty analyzed source.
– minor fixes and improvements.

v6.2.735.0 (06/12/2022)
– fixed a problem in moving down the first source in the project view.
– (collected data) added file filtering capability.
– (copy engine) fixed rare deadlock triggered by locked files.
– (automation) ‘run’ command now detects also sources’ access errors.
– minor fixes and enhancements.

v6.1.718.0 (29/07/2022)
– migrated under MS VS2022.
– fixed minor rare internal synchronization problems.
– fixed minor UI issues.
– minor fixes and enhancements.

v6.0.708.0 (09/04/2022)
– migrated under MS VS2019.
– switched to 64 bits version.
– major internal refactoring.
– reordered UI and menus.
– faster copy engine.
– tons of improvements and fixes.
– added new command line switches to automate the project synchronization.

v5.9.433.0 (26/10/2019)
– (copy engine) improved internal synchronization.
– minor internal improvements.
– minor fixes.

v5.8.423.0 (13/02/2019)
– removed impersonation on explorer integration.
– (copy engine) improved file attributes processing #2.
– compiled with C++ Builder v10.3 (binary geometry is changed).
– minor fixes.

v5.7.420.0 (08/09/2018)
– (copy engine) improved file attributes processing.
– compiled with C++ Builder v10.2.3 (RTL changed).

v5.6.416.0 (19/05/2017)
– (copy engine) minor tuning
– (copy engine) fixed UI progress stats.
– (copy engine) improved error handling.

v5.5.414.0 (09/03/2017)
– (copy engine) improved error handling.
– (src.add) fixed GPF & hang on path changing.
– minor UI fixes.
– minor internal fixes.
– minor source maintenance.

v5.4.399.0 (22/06/2016)
– fixed issues on deleting items.
– improved analysis error handling.
– fixed an issue from loading a project file from a source folder.
– minor UI tweaks.

v5.3.393.0 (01/10/2015)
– fixed rare shutdown GPF.
– fixed rare analysis issue.
– minor main window menu tweaks.
– minor UI tweaks.
– minor analysis tweaks.
– (copy engine) improved data throughput.
– (copy engine) improved end-of-copy file handling.
– compiled with XE8 (RTL changed).
– improved help file.
– minor fixes.

v5.2.380.0 (11/05/2015)
– fixed rare Deleted items stats issue.
– fixed delete folder ‘index out of bound’ issue.
– folder inclusion mask handling includes all subfolders.
– fixed sporadic analysis hangs.
– fixed z-order issues on cfg form.
– added Estimated Completion Time into task window.
– added Task Completion Time into report window.
– minor UI improvements.
– root volume system folders are now ignored.
– improved user verification.
– minor fixes.
– compiled with XE7 (RTL changed).

v5.1.363.0 (28/08/2014)
– improved source folder verification.
– slightly improved copy engine performance.
– improved copy engine impersonation capabilities.
– fixed rare indexing issues (round #2).
– minor UI fixes.

v5.0.357.0 (21/06/2014)
– fixed rare indexing issues.
– improved impersonation handling.
– improved version information comparison.
– sources paths below the .hrd are now saved as relative ones.
– added source ‘export delta’ feature.
– (result form) fixed rare GPF when manually selecting the candidate.
– compiled with XE5 (RTL changed).
– improved alternate credentials handling.
– minor performance optimizations.
– minor UI tweaks.
– minor fixes.
– improved help file.

v4.2.315.0 (29/05/2013)
– minor UI tweaks.
– fixed issue in deleting files with alternate credentials.
– improved alternate credentials handling.
– improved external tools handling using alternate credentials.
– now a source can access remote folders by using remote local credentials.

v4.1.307.0 (27/01/2013)
– (analysis) fixed sporadic indexing/sorting issues.
– minor UI tuning.

v4.0.304.0 (02/11/2012)
– improved statusbar data.
– improved changed notification dialog on synchronizing sources.
– fixed analyze button handling on changed source.
– added impersonation support for sources’ ‘change notification’ handler.
– (results form) added filename keyword filter.
– (analysis) better cancel handling.
– fixed some memory leaks.
– SRC: ‘use version infos’ is now off by default.
– SRV: now window can be maximized/resized.
– added user impersonation.
– added ‘delete any ghost items’ on sources params.
– fixed drag & drop under Windows Vista or newer OS.
– improved sources’ analysis speed.
– UI improvements.

v3.0.260.0 (09/04/2010)
– improved sources’ analysis speed.

v3.0.259.0 (28/01/2010)
– added a menu link to appl. data folder.
– fixed copied source patterns issues.
– fixed Windows 7 “Program Files” access rights related issues.

v3.0.256.0 (15/12/2009)
– improved file creation on read only files and without temp files.
– fixed an freezing issue with disabled sources, bad/invalid path, and changing notifications.

v3.0.254.0 (01/10/2009)
– added a command to copy a source.
– command line is now handled in unicode.
– SRV: improved right-click menu items handling.

v3.0.251.0 (04/06/2009)
– fixed thread termination waits.
– (log) fixed some blank issues.
– (changing notifications) improved invalid sources handling.
– improved shutdown sequence.
– fixed re-enabled source icon update problem.
– (changing notifications) improved engine shutdown.
– (about) updated links
– (copy engine) added explicit file flush.
– integrated unicode handling and new VCL 12 libraries.

v2.3.241.0 (23/10/2008)
– fixed false change notifications.
– (copy engine) improved data throughput up to 6 times!!!

v2.2.239.0 (18/09/2008)
– slightly improved analysis speed (step #2).
– slightly improved analysis speed (step #1).
– changed some minor build options.
– removed vcl file handling functions (back to win32).
– (analysis dlg) added number of considered files.

v2.2.234.0 (01/05/2008)
– (copy engine) improved data throughput.

v2.2.233.0 (02/04/2008)
– (copy engine) removed creation time ‘fixup’.
– fixed daylight handling (into NTFS sources).
– (copy engine) some more tunings.
– (copy engine) added occurred errors into status form.
– (copy engine) refactored & improved multithreaded handling.

v2.2.228.0 (25/09/2007)
– fixed NTFS timestamps handling 2 secs differences (thanks to Uutsalu Kert).
– fixed bug report menu entry (thanks to Uutsalu Kert).
– replaced VCL Critical Sections with OS equivalent sync. objects.

v2.2.225.0 (10/05/2007)
– added sources’ labels.

v2.2.224.1 (15/02/2007)
– (copy engine) fixed rare deadlocks #4 (no more sys. semaphores).

v2.2.223.0 (24/01/2007)
– now the changing notifications are enabled before the analysis.
– fixed ‘changed’ notifications UI handling.
– fixed some internal incongruences.
– enhanced & unifed sources’ labels.
– small main window tree improvments.
– refactored changing notifications thread flow.
– added ready sources navigation keys.
– added sources changing notification handling.
– added expanding/collapsing keys handling.
– fixed string handling into new source data dlg.
– (copy engine) fixed deadlocks #3.
– fixed save data dlg handling.
– improved source report (more readable).
– fixed pattern cbx into new source data dlg.
– (copy engine) fixed deadlocks #2.
– added first alpha dialog for updated sources.
– fixed gpf with duplicated src and log enabled.
– fixed deadlock with locked file.
– (copy engine) fixing deadlocks #1.
– added sources update monitoring.
– added ‘Empty Seleting Folder’ source option.
– fixed ‘File->Save’ enabling issues.
– SRV: added ‘Get Version Infos’ ability.

v2.1.202.0 (02/07/2006)
– SRV: fixed comparison cleanup issues.
– SRV: reworked & enhanced reseletion overwriting dialog.

v2.1.200.0 (31/05/2006)
– added copy dialog priority boost.
– fixed main window popup menu placement.
– compiled with BDS2006.upd2 (rtl update recommanded).

v2.1.197.0 (19/02/2006)
– fixed bad output file orphans issues on input file problems.
– fixed program termination on bad file read.
– now written files creation time is corrected to be <= modified time (see 0602161).
– tiny analysis speedup.
– fixed minor update issues on stats report.
– fixed pattern matching failures (‘*a*’).

v2.1.191.0 (09/02/2006)
– (setup) better RTL download AI.
– SRV: fixed reset ‘overwrite’ flag handling.
– SRV: if meet something newer during a reselection, it asks for overwriting them all.
– dragging an .hrd file, now it will be loaded.
– SRV: gpf on deleting a ‘ghost’ file.
– compiled with BDS2006.upd1.

v2.0.186.0 (26/11/2005)
– fixed hanging issues while trying to write into a locked file.

v2.0.185.0 (12/09/2005)
– fixed report stats with excluded folders.
– SRV: fixed root node update on selected source change.
– fixed ‘fsiDateSet’ failures on slow machine with antivirus.

v2.0.182.0 (26/08/2005)
– fixed a possible failure into file reading (during the synch).
– added file log support (for better ‘remote’ debugging).
– changed program’s main icon.

v2.0.179.0 (12/07/2005)
– improved source collision detection.
– fixed explorer drag & drop.

v2.0.177.0 (01/06/2005)
– fixed double click on source into main window.
– fixed item matching issue on systems with ‘strange’ locales.
– SRV: treeview source item cannot be collapsed anymore.

v2.0.174.0 (17/02/2005)
– fixed files stats (creating items size is now taken by source item).

v2.0.173.0 (18/12/2004)
– fixed further stats trash issue.
– fixed sources icon update after having invalidated a source.
– fixed ghost items on invalidating a source.
– (added RTL download from the setup).
– fixed stats trash issue on invalidating a source.
– fixed updated & newer files handling during the change of the selected one.

v2.0.168.0 (30/10/2004)
– fixed item creation during a partial analisys.
– fixed item deletion.
– added pattern masks edit dialogs.
– quicker source type analysis.
– added sources’ folders filters (easier ISS, CVS, … folder filtering).

v2.0.163.0 (09/10/2004)
– SRV: fixed ‘overwritten’ setting by menu.
– added file size test on items’ comparison.

v2.0.161.0 (20/09/2004)
– SRV: now empty folders are shown when selected items are shown too.
– minor analysis tweaks.
– fixed already filled stats reset during the analisys.
– main window UI minor tweaks.

v2.0.157.0 (11/09/2004)
– SRV: filter settings are ‘remembered’ now.
– SRV: fixed updating handling flags on a folder.
– fixed other stats trashing problems.
– fixed stats problems when forcing the candidate selection.
– minor Main Window changes.

v2.0.152.0 (06/09/2004)
– fixed shutting down GPFs.
– SRV: fixed multiselected items deletion.
– CodeGuard 1st run: fixed a couple small memory leaks.

v2.0.149.0 (04/09/2004)
– SRV: fixed item deletion.
– fix invalidating sources UI.
– improved invalidated sources handling
– fixed source icon refresh after the analysis.
– SRV: changed filters defaults.
– fixed the selected line invisible report stats issue.
– fixed report repaint after a sync.
– SRV: treview update after undeleting an item into a deleted folder.
– SRV: building treeview with source folder level to 0.
– fixed report refresh after a sync.
– fixed close button of report dialog.
– fixed sources’ analysis progressbar.
– fixed disabling empty sources.
– SRV: added the ability to unselect items.
– SRV: fixed some menu issues.
– added history handling into filemasks fields.
– improved version infos handling.
– improved flags into data files.
– fixed help UI links.
– SRV: added some shortcuts.
– SRV: added the ability to restore the original newest item.
– fixed some UI minor issues.
– used VCL MessageBoxes.
– enhanced source analysis (disabling/invalidating sources).
– bug report eMail account update.
– SRV: fixed treeview update after some opers.
– SRV: fixed & tuned file deletion.
– SRV: optimized treeview creation.
– SRV: finally updated flag edit handling.
– SRV: added multiselection opers…
– SRV: added treeview menu items control.
– SRV: CTRL+UP/DOWN walks through the prev/next selected item.
– SRV: added VK_MENU handling on treeview.
– SRV: optimized file comparison list update.
– SRV: filter settings enhanced.
– SRV: added menu icons.
– used VCL iconed buttons…
– added menu & shortcut to go to SRV.
– SRV: added TreeView multiselection options.
– SRV: added TreeView menu.
– fixed small mem. leak.
– SRV: added listview item menu.
– SRV: synchronized treeview and items details.
– fixed some vcl treeview issues.
– fixed vcl treeview items moving…
– SRV: linked current item properties.
– SRV: reorganized layout.
– SRV: fixed results filter.
– SRV: added selected source stats.
– SRV: linked treeview selection to comparison list.
– SRV: fixed treeview issues.
– added Source Results Viewer window (SRV).
– fixed minor issues on moving items.
– fixed icon status on moved items.
– added source updated status.
– fixed new commands icons statuses.
– added source move.
– added source icon status.
– added report tree.

v1.1.88.0 (26/09/2003)
– major enhancements into analysis (faster & more reactive).
– minor UI enhancements into copy progressing dialog.

v1.1.86.0 (01/09/2003)
– fixed the wrong exclusion handling on newly created sources.
– fixed an error introduced in v1.0.81.0 into the folder handling.
– improved tests for synchronization, caring about disabled sources.
– slightly fixed and improved help, and bug report instructions.
– changed expand/collapse treeview children logic.
– fixed a race condition that may loose some error items into the results log.
– double clicking on a file into synch results dialog now opens an explorer window on item folder.
– added a button to save the synch results.
– improved unusual file handling (disabled files).
– added the ability to overwrite an updated file (from file properties).
– fixed file creation into file masked sources.
– added source exclusion file mask.

v1.1.74.0 (30/07/2003)
– help file Issues section is updated.
– fixed some problems (accesses denied) in handling read-only files.

v1.1.72.0 (24/06/2003)
– now the synchronization first deletes files, and then it updates the old ones.

v1.0.71.0 (12/06/2003)
– fixed handling flags dialog init with sources (values aren’t reported correctly).

v1.0.70.1 (14/05/2003)
– fixed sources validation (root folders).

v1.0.69.0 (07/05/2003)
– added known open issues into the help file.
– fixed the files/folder elimination during the synchronization.
– fixed network shares validation.

v1.0.67.0 (04/05/2003)
– slightly improved the help.
– now at the end of a synchronization the program knows (and shows) if the sources are already updated or not.
– renabled the error during the analysis (if any).
– added the shortcut for the synchronization (F6).
– ‘File-New’ now asks if save the current data (if any).
– minor UI fixes

v1.0.61.0 (26/04/2003)
– better error handling during the sources’ analysis.
– rewritten file copy engine.
– improved multithreading synch.

v1.0.58.0 [rc2] (05/03/2003)
– caught and fixed an horrible error that quits the file analysis.
– fixed UI treeview shortcuts into the main window.
– minor AnsiString fixes.

v1.0.55.0 [rc2] (04/03/2003)
– fixed r-click and context menu issues.
– added some check to avoid duplicate or included sources.
– added drag and drop support to add sources.
– other code riorganizations.
– some internal code riorganizations.
– help file updated & fixed.
– optimized treeview update after synchronization (deleted files)
– smoother analysis progressbar.

v1.0.48.3 [rc1] (23/02/2003)
– fixed treeview items selection issues.
– added the the filter the hide the selected items.
– smoother treeview handling.
– now updated folder are not shown anymore if the updated items are not visible.
– double-click an item now activates access rights dialog.
– cut long filenames into dialogs.
– added eMail bug report.
– fixed some sources file masks problems.
– added the ability to select the newest candidate by double clicking into ‘File Prop.’ dialog.
– fixed some other minor UI problems.
– fixed some UI inconsisence during the file analysis.
– now the help pops up during the first program start.
– added the ability to disable version infos handling for each source.
– fixed deleted folder icon update.
– fixed GPF on setting file handling attrs (on folders with subfolders).

v0.9.6.25 (06/02/2003)
– fixed the treeview garbage on command ‘New’.
– fixed “Delete All” button label update on dialog opening.
– the file comparing cares about file build type now.
– added the percentage into file copy dialog.
– 2 files with the same versions are now equal (time-stamps are ignored).
– fixed the persistence of deleted item ever after being deleted.
– fixed deleted/undeleted dummy item issues.
– fixed version description into file prop. are swapped.
– fixed help integration.
– now handled F1 to get the help.
– now sincronization process handle only the items that need and that can be updated.
– now updated ro files are not shown as disabled anymore.
– fixed comparison issue with read-only sources.

v0.9.4.13 (04/01/2003)
– updated help file.
– added the ability to mark a tree item to delete all related files from property dialog.
– after the synch, empty folders aren’t shown correctly.
– now menu button is handled correctly.
– minor fixes and enhancements.

v0.9.2.9 (28/09/2002)
– rebuilt with BCB6.sp2 with extern runtimes.

v0.9.2.8 (21/08/2002)
– fixed several bugs affecting the file analyzer.
– fixed file copy error handling.
– added command line params handling (actually supporting “-open”, “-analyze” params).
– setup now adds .hrd file type (to easily open them from the explorer).
– setup now shows a brief user licence before install the program.
– setup now shows the history log file.
– minor fixes and enhancements.