A couple of hours ago, I was trying to enable my webcams with a VPN.
For some webcam limitations, I have to use IE11.

The problem is that it doesn’t load the login page returning the following error code:


After some investigations, I have found that:

  • I have no problem using Firefox,
  • I have the very same problem with using Edge,
  • I have no problem accessing a local webcam (the same model as the remote one).

Solution – round 1

I discovered that the problem seems to be in IE11 security settings of the Internet Zone profile:

User Authentication -> Logon

Change it from (default value):

Automatic Logon only to the intranet zone


Automatic logon with current user name and password

I need these settings because IE11 classifies my remote VPN webcams outside the Intranet zone.

Solution – round 2

The day after, I had the very same problem again.

I went to Network Device Adapters window and:

  • open Properties page of the VPN connection.
  • select IP4 on Network page, and click on Properties.
  • click on Advanced
  • uncheck Use default gateway on remote network.

Up to now, this has fixed my problem.