How to create PDF files with bookmarks

Open LibreOffice Writer and load a file.

If it’s a .doc or .docx file, it should load the document without problems with the exception of TOC.

v5.1.4 still seems to have some problems during the import phase.

To fix it:

  • right-click on TOC, and select ”Edit Index table…“.
  • on the right side put a ‘ ‘ (one blank) or anything else you wish to use as a separator (‘ – ‘, …), between [E#] and [E] boxes.
  • do the same fix for the remaining used TOC levels (usually 3).
  • click ‘OK‘ button.
  • right-click again on TOC, and select “Update Index Table…

Open File menu and select the PDF Export item.

Tune PDF options.  In order to output a reasonably small PDF file, I suggest disabling the first 3 options in General settings.

Click on the Export button, and the job is done.