How to remove MAP MAS-SMS0 and friends

After having installed the Windows 10 Creator update, I found these unknown devices in the Device Manager:

  • MS-TCC

They aren’t working because the system cannot find a proper driver.
You can delete them, but the system will detect & restore them again.

I tried to find some information on MS but I didn’t find anything.
Improving my investigation range, I found this YouTube video that fixes the problem (at least until proper drivers will be available from MS).
It seems that they are about services offered by one or more configured Bluetooth devices.

The Workaround

We can disable them all because they cannot work without proper drivers.

To ‘fix’ them, you have to:

  • open Control Panel,
  • click on Devices and Printers,
  • right-click on every tablet/phone or similar device and select Properties,
  • click on Services tab,
  • disable any entry matching entry with your ‘unknown’ device list.


In YouTube video, it has different entries:

  • Remote Control
  • Wireless AP

It seems it’s depending on the configured devices.