HOWTO reset Windows Update client

In our lab, we had a few machines with different Windows Update problems.

Some PCs don’t accept anything from our WSUS server, some others seem to have other problems that prevent Windows Update from working.

I ran the system and MS troubleshooters, but the problems weren’t solved.

In all cases, the OSes seem to be healthy.


I had a long investigation phase, but I didn’t find anything effective until I found the following page on MS Technet:

… also available from these links:

I downloaded the script, and I fixed WU problems by following the steps below:

  • open an administrative ‘Command Prompt
  • run the script
  • accept user license
  • select option 2 (and wait some minutes)
  • select option 11
  • set Windows Update settings (if requested)
  • reboot


From this point, all WUs started running fine.