HOWTO block Windows Update from installing old drivers


One of the problems with the new notebook is that Windows Update keeps installing old AMD Radeon software for courtesy GPU, and the CPU itself.

Even if I installed the latest ones (v30.0…), it keeps installing the 2-years older ones (v27.0…).

Yesterday I overcome my tolerance limit and decided to solve the problem once for all.

First steps

First of all, we need to download wushowhide.diagcab, a MS ‘rare’ troubleshooter to hide/show windows updates.
The main problem, here, is that it isn’t available from MS site anymore and we need to get it from a trusted source (in my case

Then we need to:

  • go to ‘System Properties’ dialog (search ‘sysdm.cpl‘),
  • select the ‘Hardware‘ tab, and then ‘Driver Installation Settings‘,
  • and temporarily disable the automatic download (ie set it to ‘no’).

Then we have only to wait for the windows update asking to download/install the old drivers.

The solution

At this point, we have to:

  • run wushowhide.diagcab,
  • and hide the undesired drivers packages.

Then we have to:

  • stop the Windows Update service,
  • delete the folder below to remove all downloaded contents
  • restart Windows Update service,
  • click on ‘Install’ button (failing because we removed the downloaded stuff),
  • reboot,
  • restore ‘Driver Installation Settings‘ as desired.

From this point, the old driver should never pop up again.