ROG G752 weird overheat

updated: 23/08/2018

The Problem

From time to time, I noted that my ROG G752VT heated horribly in this point (above the right-bottom angle):

my ROG G752VT heat zone

After some investigations and tests, it seems something related to the quick charge capability of the nearest USB ports.

I had switched it off, by removing the USB Charger Plus program, but after some weeks of calm, the problem pops up again.

I did some more investigations and I found that incredibly it might be something about the audio device.
The bad news since it doesn’t have any heatsink, and if it will degenerate, it can damage the device and maybe the mainboard itself.

The first idea was to remove Sonic Studio and install the latest Realtek High Definition Audio Codecs drivers (actually R2.82).
With them, the problem seems to occur even more frequently.

I was able to trigger the problem using Firefox to view any streaming videos (YouTube, Amazon Prime Video…) for some minutes.

The weird thing is that it never pops up while the PC is working hard (running games, …).

The immediate mitigation

I found out that unplugging the power supplier always quits the problem.
Naturally, this doesn’t prevent the problem to be triggered again.

You will need some minutes to keep the situation to the normality.

The way to an acceptable solution

I installed the latest Realtek audio drivers with the latest Asus Sonic Suite available (v2.4.13).

I disabled both Sonic Studio and Perfect Voice by the switch in the lower right configuration window corner.

This seemed to reduce the issue’s regularity.

Lately, I also discovered that some of the system drivers were not updated.

From your desktop:

  • press: <windows> + x
  • select Device Manager
  • open ‘System devices‘ folder
  • for each ‘Intel’ item, right-click it, and update (automatically) it.
  • update ‘Asus Wireless Radio Control

  • open ‘Intel Dynamic Platform and Thermal Framework‘ folder
  • update all items

After this massive update, my PC seems to work even better and cooler.

Up to now, the problem has never occurred…

‘Beta’ audio drivers

It’s for about 2 weeks, I have updated the audio drivers to the latest ‘beta’.

Things seem running even better.

To apply them, you have to:

  • install the latest official drivers.
  • download the proper .CAB file from this site.
  • unzip it in a folder.
  • press <windows>+’x’, and select the Device Manager.
  • go to sound, video, and game controllers folder.
  • right-click on Realtek item, and select Update Driver.
  • select Browse my computer….
  • select the unzipped .CAB folder.
  • wait for completion, and reboot if needed.


It was 07/08/2018, when it died by a catastrophic electrical problem.

No restoration or repair was possible.

From what I could see, it didn’t seem a driver problem.  No overheating or other strange events occurred before the crisis.
My opinion is that something hidden came to light.

Good luck