Fixing Thunderbird date format

I have noted that my Thunderbird doesn’t display the date as configured in my Windows profile.

This is annoying since I use the English version on my Italian PCs and the date formats are different.

Digging here and there, I found an easy solution deep into program configuration.

The solution

Open the program and:

  • select ‘Option‘ from ‘Tools‘ program menu
  • click on ‘Advanced‘ icon
  • click ‘Config Editor‘ button into ‘General‘ tab
  • look for ‘use_os_locales
    and select the following item:
  • if you don’t find it, create it as ‘boolean
  • set it to ‘true
  • close the window, and you will find a new section ‘Date and Time Formatting’ into the ‘General‘ tab
  • click the ‘OK’ button and restart the program

Now Thunderbird will format dates as requested by Windows params.