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HOWTO Make Windows SlimRW Lock More Confortable

Recently I tripped into SlimRW Lock API. It’s a Windows synchronization object very similar to the critical section, with the support of two different types of lock: shared and exclusive. Essentially you should get the shared lock for all read-only activities, while the exclusive lock shall be used for all the other cases. The Basic Implementation I wrote this simple class to include them in … Continue reading HOWTO Make Windows SlimRW Lock More Confortable »

Fixing Thunderbird date format

I have noted that my Thunderbird doesn’t display the date as configured in my Windows profile. This is annoying since I use the English version on my Italian PCs and the date formats are different. Digging here and there, I found an easy solution deep into program configuration. The solution Open the program and: select ‘Option‘ from ‘Tools‘ program menu click on ‘Advanced‘ icon click … Continue reading Fixing Thunderbird date format »