HOWTO limit MS SQL Server memory usage

Go to the Microsoft website and download MS SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS for ‘friends’), about 0.5Gb to download, and 1Gb of disk space.

It is working with almost any MS SQL Server version and edition.

Once installed you have to:

  • start the program with administrative access rights elevation
  • connect to the service
  • right-click on root item in Object Explorer,
  • select Properties
  • select Memory
  • from here you can set and tweak (min and max) memory limits, according to your needs.
  • restart the service to apply changes.


To connect to the following editions, use the following connection string:

Windows Internal Database on Windows Server 2008R2 \\.\pipe\MSSQL$MICROSOFT##SSEE\sql\query
using Windows Authentication
Windows Internal Database on Windows Server 2012 \\.\pipe\Microsoft##WID\tsql\query
using Windows authentication