HOWTO use NASM function for Windows 64-bits

Writing 64-bits assembler functions for Windows is quite different from the ones written for Linux or even for Windows 32 bits. Even when using NASM for a simplified approach, you shall care about a few details. First steps The first step is to add the following lines at the very beginning of the .asm file: 64 bits default rel We need the ‘default rel’ to … Continue reading HOWTO use NASM function for Windows 64-bits »

Released Horodruin v6.6.752.0

Released a new ‘service’ release: – (copy engine) improved error processing. – aborting a synchronization now reports occurred errors (if any). – minor fixes & improvements. link

HOWTO integrate NASM with VS2019

updated 18/04/2023 Occasionally I use Intel assembler language to squeeze processing power from my programs. A cheap solution was C inline assembler sections, but VS2019 doesn’t support them in a 64-bits program.  Other compilers use other more or less complex solutions (IBM assembler, …). This forced me to consider having & link .asm files in my projects.  I can split them with 32 and 64 … Continue reading HOWTO integrate NASM with VS2019 »