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HOWTO enforce WindowsXP security

There are dozens of reasons to abandon Windows XP (security, technical, …), but if you have no option, at least you can mitigate them by enabling the PosReady option and install all MS published security updates. Open Registry Editor and go to: HKLM\System\WPA\PosReady the add/edit the value ‘Install‘ as DWORD and set it to 1. Reboot, and run Windows Update by the following command line: … Continue reading HOWTO enforce WindowsXP security »

Updating Drivers for WU Catalog manually

Starting with Windows 10 Cumulative Update 1904, my notebook started a quite alarming series of BSOD. One of the many activities to solve the problem was to update vital drivers to the latest working version. One good source is the ‘Windows Update Catalog’ site. From here you can download any content distributed by Windows Update itself. One of these contents are the latest registered device … Continue reading Updating Drivers for WU Catalog manually »

Windows 10 – few steps for a smooth Feature Update

A couple of weeks ago, Windows 10 Feature Update 1709 was released, and for the second time I met some problems during the process. My investigations detected 3 possible solutions: do something before and after the update download the new W10 version by MS media download tool do a clean installation. Luckily my problems were fixed by applying with the first one. Preparations to apply … Continue reading Windows 10 – few steps for a smooth Feature Update »