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HOWTO set account lockout by command line

Recently I read an article about how to harden Windows 10 accounts’ security vs brute force attacks. One of the ‘easy’ countermeasures is to enable the account lockout. The idea is to lock the attacked account after a number of consecutive failed login tries to increase the time-costs of the attack. You can set it up by using Local Security Policies from your Administration Tools, … Continue reading HOWTO set account lockout by command line »

HOWTO enforce WindowsXP security

There are dozens of reasons to abandon Windows XP (security, technical, …), but if you have no option, at least you can mitigate them by enabling the PosReady option and installing all MS published security updates. Open Registry Editor and go to: HKLM\System\WPA\PosReady the add/edit the value ‘Install‘ as DWORD and set it to 1. Reboot, and run Windows Update by the following command line: … Continue reading HOWTO enforce WindowsXP security »