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HOWTO Automatically Catch Problems While Debugging

Suppose to have the ability to add dozens of breakpoints into your program main error detection points, whenever you start a debugging session. This should allow you to easily track down some hidden/unnoticed problems. For example, suppose to have a C function like the below one: __MYOBJECTDATA * WINAPI MYOBJGetPtr (HANDLE hMyObject) { __MYOBJECTDATA *pObj; pObj = (__MYOBJECTDATA *) hMyObject; __try { if ((pObj != … Continue reading HOWTO Automatically Catch Problems While Debugging »

About Using & Designing DLLs

requirement: medium knowledge of C/C++ or similar languages under MS Windows. Introduction Some days ago, I was explaining how a .DLL works, and how to use them in programs written into C or C++. Supposing to have MYAPP.EXE and MYLIB.DLL, we will face the following main scenarios: scenario MYAPP.EXE MYLIB.DLL 1 The program uses MYLIB.DLL. The used functions are all exported. 2 The program uses … Continue reading About Using & Designing DLLs »