Updating Drivers for WU Catalog manually

Starting with Windows 10 Cumulative Update 1904, my notebook started a quite alarming series of BSOD.

One of the many activities to solve the problem was to update vital drivers to the latest working version.

One good source is the ‘Windows Update Catalog’ site. From here you can download any content distributed by Windows Update itself. One of these contents includes the latest registered device drivers.

On this occasion, I discovered that not always WU delivers the latest driver around. I suppose that the idea is that if it is running fine, you don’t need to update anything.

Locate the device and download drivers

The first step is to open the device manager and locate the device to focus on.

Then go to the site, and try to filter out the needed driver package.

A good hint is to add the OS on your search string (for example “Windows 10 1809”)

Then sort the results by published date, and try to get the latest one with the description most similar to the item into your device manager. US English OS has some advantages here.

Download it.

Install the Driver package.

Most of these packages are contained in .CAB files.

These files should be unzipped to be installed manually. A good choice is using 7-Zip.

Before installing anything, a new restore point is always an excellent idea.

Now you have 2 ways to install them.

The safer approach is to issue a driver update from Device Manager, by:

  • right-clicking the specific device item,
  • selecting ‘Update
  • selecting the update by a specific folder path

The program will warn you in case the driver seems incompatible with the selected device.
Ignore this warning only, if you are 100% sure about what you are going to do, is another excellent idea.

The second way is to install the .INF files manually by:

  • right-clicking them,
  • selecting ‘Install

I advise this way, only if the previous one is not available (for any reason).