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Virtualizing an old broken PC

Introduction A couple of weeks, a 12-15 year old desktop PC of mine died. After a quick investigation, it appeared to have some sort of electrical problem around the mainboard and the power supplier. I took a full week, to evaluate what to do. From the hardware point of view, it didn’t deserve any replacement. What is annoying me, is the 180€ for the Windows … Continue reading Virtualizing an old broken PC »

Mounting VHD files by command line

Today I needed to copy a DVD ISO image file outside a HyperV VM disk. I tried using Remote Desktop copy-and-paste feature but it failed. Looking over the web, I discovered that it is possible to mount .vhd file in order to access the contained files directly from the hosting machine.  This solution worked fine for me. According to this post, you have to: open … Continue reading Mounting VHD files by command line »