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HOWTO use GIT with SVN server

Introduction During COVID-lockdown, one of the challenges is to understand how to smart work as best as possible. One of my problems is that I haven’t remote access to the SVN server. I began to wonder if and how GIT can alleviate my smart work problems. The found answer is: yes, it can. Both repository types have their strong and weak points. My personal impression … Continue reading HOWTO use GIT with SVN server »

Virtualizing an old broken PC

Introduction A couple of weeks, a 12-15 year old desktop PC of mine died. After a quick investigation, it appeared to have some sort of electrical problem around the mainboard and the power supplier. I took a full week, to evaluate what to do. From the hardware point of view, it didn’t deserve any replacement. What is annoying me, is the 180€ for the Windows … Continue reading Virtualizing an old broken PC »